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What is SHARP?

SHARP is an acronym for Severe Heterogeneous Asthma Registry, Patient-centered. It is a Clinical Research Collaboration (CRC) sponsored by the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and unrestricted grants from 5 pharmaceutical companies.

Why is SHARP needed?

• Severe asthma is a debilitating disease associated with frequent severe exacerbations, emergency visits, and hospitalizations, resulting in poor quality of life.
• For many years patients were dependent on the use of oral glucocorticoids, which put them at increased risk for serious and often life-threatening adverse events. Recently, new biologics for severe asthma have become available, which have benefitted many but not all patients
• There is an increasing need for observational real world data to answer questions about the natural history, burden and costs of severe asthma, disease mechanisms, identification of different phenotypes, prediction of therapy response

Mission of SHARP

SHARP aims to affect a step change in the research culture across Europe, placing emphasis on ambitions that serve collective needs of the asthma research community and bringing people with asthma to the centre of the research environment in a real-world context

Vision of SHARP - our Key Aims:

• End of the dependency on oral steroids for disease control - end of exacerbations
• Access to severe asthma specialists for all severe asthma patients
• Understanding the heterogeneity in mechanisms of severe asthma
• Prevention of severe asthma

Objectives of SHARP

1. Build a catalogue of asthma research centers
2. Establish an integration platform for individual national severe asthma asthma registries
3. Provide a comprehensive description of characteristics, phenotypes, treatment strategies, patient responses and the burden of severe asthma across Europe
4. Undertake projects initiated by members of SHARP
5. Develop training for young researchers and standardised approaches to research, clinical practice and patient involvement.

Operational model of SHARP

See the next page for the operational mode and the members involved.


For the current projects see this page.