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About us

A partnership of patients, clinicians, scientists and the pharma industry to improve lives of people with severe asthma.
Representatives from 27 countries.
Clinical and Translational researchers.
5 pharmaceutical industries (Sanofi, TEVA, Novartis, GSK, Chiesi).
Patient Advisory Group.

Chairs and steering committee

Operational model
Operational model

Elizabeth Bel (Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Co-chair)
Ratko Djukanovic (Southampton University Hospital, Southampton, UK; Co-chair)
Dominique Hamerlijnck (The Netherlands, Patient co-chair, ELF)
Toni Gibson (UK, Deputy Patient co-chair, ELF)
Photographs (+ links to personal webpage)

Participating countries

participating countries

National Leads

List (and/or photo’s) of national leads + affiliations

Young investigators

List (and/or photo’s) of rising stars + affiliations


ERS office (photo’s of Elise, Emmanuelle),
BioSci (Photo of Scott + link to BioSci website)


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1.3. Privacy Policy
Text from Governance Document

1.4. History of SHARP
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